Faculty and Senior Staff

  • Henning Avenhaus, Lakeside Labs
  • Christian Bettstetter, Networked and Embedded Systems (Coordinator)
  • Heike Egner, Geography
  • Wilfried Elmenreich, Networked and Embedded Systems
  • Kirsten von Elverfeldt, Geography
  • Mihnea Hristea, Living Systems Research
  • Andreas Kercek, Lakeside Labs
  • Stephan Leitner, Management Control and Strategic Management
  • Max-Peter Menzel, Geography
  • Reinhard Neck, Economics
  • Bernhard Rinner, Networked and Embedded Systems
  • Melanie Schranz, Lakeside Labs
  • Paul Schweinzer, Economics
  • Friederike Wall, Management Control and Strategic Management
  • Florian Wodlei, Living Systems Research

PhD Students

  • Agata Gniewek, Networked Autonomous Aerial Vehicles
  • Pasquale Grippa, Networked and Embedded Systems
  • Midhat Jdeed, Networked and Embedded Systems
  • Arthur Pitman, Networked and Embedded Systems
  • Micha Rappaport, Lakeside Labs
  • Martina Umlauft, Lakeside Labs (Co-Coordinator)
  • Arke Vogell, Lakeside Labs
  • Sergii Zhevzhyk, Networked and Embedded Systems

Additional Members (on leave)

  • Glenda Garcia-Santos, Geography
  • Peter Mandl, Geography
  • Norbert Reichmann, Living Systems Research

PhD Graduates

  • Istvan Féhérvari, Amazon
  • Alexander Gogolev, ABB Asea Brown Boveri Ltd
  • Johannes Klinglmayr, Linz Center of Mechatronics GmbH
  • Wasif Masood, T-Mobile Austria GmbH
  • Manfred Rabl-Pöchacker, ets Energie- und Telecom Service GmbH

Former Postdoctoral Researchers

  • Doris Behrens, Cardiff University